Meet the Money Tree

We’ve all heard the age-old idiom: Money doesn’t grow on trees. So how did this bright-green, braided plant earn the nickname money tree? Well, it goes back to an ancient Chinese legend of a poor man who, in desperation, prays for money. Instead of receiving a direct benefaction, he happens upon an odd tree. He then uses the tree seeds to grow more trees, and eventually he becomes rich from the propagation. To this day, the money tree is gifted for good luck, or prosperity. It’s also why you will also find them in offices and places of business.

Also called Pachira Aquatica, this tropical plant makes for an easy houseplant choice. We would even recommend them to those just starting out with houseplants. There are a couple conditions the money tree needs to have in order to thrive. Yet, overall, they are pretty hardy, and tend to bounce back after occasional neglect. The Money Tree enjoys quite a bit of humidity. In nature, these trees are often found near rivers and swamplands in South America. If you cannot put your money tree in a steamy bathroom, or other high-humidity area, using a pebble tray of water can be a good alternative.

The money tree will be our plant of the week for March 10, 2019 – March 16, 2019. Enter to win a money plant during this week on our Instagram and Facebook accounts. For this week only, we will also be giving discounts for 20% off any money tree purchase. Read more about our past plant features by browsing the Meet our Plants series on the blog!

Quick Facts about the Money Tree:

  • These trees enjoy bright, indirect light
    • However, they can tolerate some direct sun exposure, and even some medium-light conditions
  • Keep the Money Tree moist, but never soggy
    • Like most of our tropical plants, water your tree once the first layer of soil has dried (about 1-2” down)
    • These plants love moderate-to-high humidity
  • Remember to rotate your plant, especially if you have it against a wall
    • Rotating your plant allows it to get equal access to the sun, and grow evenly
  • These plants don’t like drafts
    • Keep away from opening doors, drafty windows, and air vents whenever possible
  • Fertilize once a month during growing season
  • Occasionally, gently wipe the leaves of your plant with a wet cloth to keep leaves shiny and looking their best!
  • Good Drainage is very important for these plants
  • ASPCA considers the Money Tree non-toxic to pets