Meet the Spring Cactus

A few weeks ago, we posted a picture of a little orange spring cactus in bloom, and you guys loved it! We quickly sold most of our small spring cactus that we had in stock. This week, when there were several more available at our grower, we had to get them and make the spring cactus our plant of the week! For this week (April 14th– April 20th) we are thrilled to offer our customers 20% off the purchase of any size spring cactus. You can also enter to win on this week in store, or on Instagram and Facebook accounts. Winner must be able to pick up in store.

The spring cactus (also called the Easter cactus) has smooth, round-tipped leaves, and blooms star shaped flowers between March and May. This plant is also epiphytic (like air plants, or stag horn ferns that !we have talked about on the blog before), meaning that it grows on other structures or plants in nature. In this case, these beautiful plants grow up high in the trees of the Brazilian forests—amazing right?!

Quick Tips on the Spring Cactus:

  • These plants love bright-indirect sunlight best
    • Despite the name cactus, avoiding directly sunlight for these plants is important
  • Allow the plant to dry out in-between watering
    • Be careful to not over-water your Easter cactus
    • Use a well draining soil, like a cactus or succulent mix with plenty of perlite to help with not over watering
  • Interestingly, these plants enjoy a little humidity—they often come from the humid forests of Brazil
    • If your home is dry, consider misting your cactus, or occasionally using a pebble tray to boost humidity for the plant
  • Fertilizing your plant is welcome, but timing is important
    • In order to not interrupt your plants lovely blooming, wait 1-2 months after blooms have died off to fertilize
  • This plant is considered to be non-toxic to cats and dogs just like it’s cousin the Christmas cactus.
    • Ingestion of this plant can, however, cause stomach upset in pets.

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