Meet the Goldfish Plant

two goldfish plants

The goldfish plant appropriately gets its name from their bright orange blooms that resemble goldfish. These fun tropical plants hail from rainforests, particularly in South America. Interestingly, the goldfish plant is an epiphyte, meaning that it grows on trees and structures in nature. Well-draining soil, and not letting your plants get too soggy is key for epiphytes to thrive, including this one. With its thick, glossy leaves and bright blooms, this plant is hard not to love!

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Quick Tips and Tricks on the Goldfish Plant

  • Bright indirect light is best
    • Avoid Direct Sunlight which can scorch your plant’s leaves
    • Consider rotating your plant occasionally for nice, even growth
  • Keep plant moist
    • Water once the first few inches of soil has drained
  • These plants prefer mild to moderate humidity
    • If your home is dry, consider misting your goldfish plant periodically
  • Use a potting soil that is well draining
  • This plant is considered non-toxic by the ASPCA
    • Looking for non-toxic houseplant options? Check out our blog post on it, here.

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