Meet the Grafted Cactus

grafted cactus primary image

This colorful, unusual cactus is definitely an attention-grabbing plant with a story to tell. One could consider the grafted cactus the Frankenstein of houseplants. The cactus begins as two separate plants, which are cut and bound together at their wounds to create a single plant, and it’s alive! There are a lot of reasons to graft a cactus. One common reason in the moon cactus (pictured here) is that the top plant cannot survive without the bottom one. That colorful top plant is called gymnocalycium and it is so colorful because it does not produce chlorophyll, meaning it cannot photosynthesize properly on its own. It will not survive without a host plant (in this case, hylocereus) creating nutrients for them both. However, if one half of the plant begins to die, being re-grafted can save the other half. It’s pretty amazing!

The grafted cactus requires your standard cactus care, making it easy to maintain. Like most cactus, the easiest way to go astray is to overwater, so be sure to use a well-draining soil and allow your cactus to fully dry out in-between watering.

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Quick Tips and Tricks for on the Grafted Cactus:

  • Water once the soil has fully dried all the way through
    • Water your plant thoroughly until the water drains generously out of the bottom
    • Be sure to let your plant fully drain before putting it back where it goes, and if you are using saucers, make sure they are not pooling with water—your plant will drink this back up, and it could become overwatered
  • Use a well-draining soil like a cactus potting mix with perlite
  • Place your plant in an area of partial sun, like near a window
  • These plants prefer low humidity

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