Meet the Neanthe Bella Palm

three palms on stairs

Also known as the parlor palm (is there a cuter name than that?), the neanthe bella palm is a bright, cheery, fairly no fuss plant. Often found in offices, this palm will survive in a variety of lighting situations. They do best, however, in medium-to-bright indirect light. This is where you will see the most growth and happiest palms! Hailing originally from South American rainforests, these palms need typical tropical plant watering. We usually water them once the first few inches of soil has dried. Smaller neanthe bella palms will need more water. Overall, this plant is pretty easy for the big statement it makes. It grows to about 3 feet tall, so it doesn’t tend to outgrow spaces like some other, larger palms do. Perfect for a tabletop, the Parlor Palm is an easy houseplant favorite.

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Quick Tips and Tricks for your Neanthe Bella Palm:

  • Water once the first few inches of soil has dried
    • Smaller plants will need a bit more water
    • Consider misting the leaves of your palm, or using a pebble tray for a little humidity
  • Bright indirect, or medium light is best for this plant
    • You’ll want to avoid any direct sunlight on this plant as it can scorch the leaves
  • Consider periodically turning your plant for nice, even growth—especially if it is in a corner
  • This plant is considered a good air cleaner, you can check out other plants that clean the air over here
  • The neanthe bella palm is considered non-toxic for both pets and people. For more pet-friendly plants you can see our blog post on it here

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