Meet the Pothos


If there ever was a plant that didn’t need an introduction, it would probably be this one! Pothos seems to be the quintessential office and houseplant. They are all over the place, and for good reason! They are one of the easiest plants that we carry. In their native climate, pothos grow rampantly like our backyard blackberry bushes here in the Pacific Northwest, so it really is no wonder that they make such amazingly resilient houseplants. They are also a versatile plant in the sense that you can grow them trailing down a bookcase, up a pole, on a tabletop, or hanging. Pothos are known to tolerate medium light conditions, however, you may notice that they do not grow quite as quickly as they would in bright indirect light. With their adorable heart-shaped leaves, several varieties, and easygoing temperament, it’s a hard plant to turn down!  

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Quick Tips and Tricks for your Pothos:

  • Water once the plant is about half-dry
    • Despite being a tropical plant, pothos really does not like to be overly soggy
    • Consider using a well-draining soil mix
    • You can mist the leaves for extra humidity
  • Bright-to-medium indirect light is best for this plant
    • Consider periodically turning your plant so that it can have nice, even growth all around.
  • Pothos is highly rated for cleaning the air, check out other plants that clean the air over here
  • This plant is toxic to curious eaters, so please keep it out of reach for curious eaters. Want to find some non-toxic options? We have some suggestions over on this blog post here.

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