Meet the Dracaena


With a nickname like the Dragon Tree, it’s hard not to pay attention to this eye-catching plant. It is named for the bright red resin that is produced in the stems of the plant (that apparently people thought looked like dragon blood)—talk about a conversation starter! Not to mention, this plant is an excellent choice for any plant skill level. Dracaena really has a pretty easy temperament that will tolerate a little neglect. One thing to keep in mind with this particular plant, is that they do tend to develop brown tips fairly easily (like the spider plant). Optimal care can decrease the amount of brown on your plant, but you may not be able to totally avoid that. With several varieties to choose from, it seems there is a dracaena for everyone.

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Quick Tips and Tricks for your Dracaena Plant:

  • Water once the plant has gone half-to-totally dry
    • Water until the water drains liberally from the bottom drainage holes
    • Make sure to have a well draining soil for this plant, they are especially sensitive to soggy soil
    • Drooping, yellow leaves can be a sign of overwatering
    • We recommend distilled water with Dracaena to keep it at its prime!
  • Bright, indirect or medium, indirect light is best for this plant
    • Consider occasionally turning your plant for nice, even growth
  • Dracaena is highly rated for cleaning the air, check out other plants that clean the air over here
  • This plant is toxic to curious eaters, so please keep it out of reach for curious eaters.  Want to find some non-toxic options? We have some suggestions over on this blog post here.