Retreat Plant Company – Our New Name

Breaking news October 14, 2020: Retreat is now Retreat Plant Company!  After nearly three years in Snohomish, it is time for a name change to better reflect who we are: a place filled with plants and life for your home.  This is a change that we have had in the works, and have been looking forward to, for nearly a year.   And not to worry, we are still the same owners and same team, ready to serve you.

Besides our new name, we’re excited to offer some exciting items to celebrate our brand.  We have fun Retreat Plant Company tee shirts, tote bags, and coffee mugs. 

Why “Retreat?”

You might wonder, doesn’t “retreat” mean to flee, pull back, lose ground?  No, that’s the verb form of the word.  We’re talking about the noun, which has quite a different feel: a place to relax, rest, decompress.  We’re talking about our store (which we want to be relaxing place to visit), but we’re also talking about your home.  We want to help you make your home a retreat of your own.  Tropical plants of all sizes and shapes, prickly cacti, smooth succulents;  pots, planters, baskets, candles, and more.  All these things can add new life to your home, to give it that retreat-like atmosphere.

Why “Plant Company?”

Hopefully this is obvious: we love plants!  It’s what we love, and what we do.  Plants bring life and health to your home and your day.  Plants can also bring color to your office, if that is where you spend your daytime hours.  And we’ve found that our love for plants is rather contagious.  Do you lack the confidence to keep plants alive and healthy?  Plant care is easier than you might think.  So come on in – we’d be happy to help you out.  There is a plant (or two) for any personality and decorating style.  We’re here to serve.